The latest version of FlowMac is version 6.12.

New blocks:

– Anaerobic digester.

– Plotter I/O simplified.

– New sedimentation bassin, where it is possible to have different separation of fiber and filler/ash.

– Fenton, an example of use in Effluent Treatment

– A new Heat Exchanger for heating air with hot water.

New features in exsiting blocks:

– WW Supplier, Flow Input are blocks where it now is possible to feed time series in.

Two New Libraries

– Hierarchical Blocks, an example of how a “new” block can be created by using existing blocks.

– FlowMac Tutorial, in this library the user will find blocks with open script. The block “Make Your Own” can be used as a base for designing Your Own blocks. In this library there is also a Paper Machine Specification block which serves as an example if the users would like to customise a specification block to contain all the papergrades produced on a Paper Machine. Combine the block Production Plan with a customised specification block and simulate a realistic weekly production plan!

New Tutorials

– TMP Heat Recovery

– Boiler House

– Use of the new sedimentation block

– Use of exsisting blocks for simulation of Starch Retention and impact on Chemical Oxygen Demand